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I am very thankful for the many photographers whose work is found throughout A Timbered Quiet. I take no credit for these photographs whatsoever. Attribution for photographs used can be found within the body of this site’s pages and posts.

“Comrades in this solemn fight . . . let us settle it as something that cannot be shaken: we are here to live holy, loving, lowly lives. We cannot do this unless we walk very, very close to our Lord Jesus. Anything that would hinder us from the closest walk possible to us till we see Him face to face is not for us.”

– Amy Carmichael, 1867 – 1951, Missionary in India for 55 years.





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This site is dedicated to God, my Father, who is teaching me how His Word and His Spirit transforms the worshiper into the likeness of Messiah Jesus, whose Name we bear.

He is also teaching me how Truth (His Word) and obedience are inherently related to adoration for and devotion to Him and to a life of worship lived for His glory.

My intention is to use this site as a place to exalt the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through Scripture-informed blessing, praise, prayer and thanksgiving — encouraging myself and others to turn from so much self-focus to Him.

My name is L.A. Brook. I have been married to an amazing man for near 30 years and betrothed to Messiah Jesus for almost as long. I am also a mother and grandmother.

Welcome to A Timbered Quiet.

I’m glad you came to visit.








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